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This is a type of family based visa that allows for a non-citizen to marry a United States citizen within the United States, upon the certification of the marriage license, the non-citizen is allowed to apply for a green card. Another option available is when the marriage takes place abroad, the citizen of the United States is allowed to apply for a green card for their spouse and then bring the spouse back to the United States with them. 

    A K-1 visa allows for temporary family based immigration lawyer to the United States by your future-spouse, so that your marriage in America can take place., the K-1 visa can be used to apply for the Green Card, which allows for permanent U.S. residency for your non-citizen spouse. The K-1 visa does however come with restrictions and strict guidelines for both the foreign fiance and the U.S. citizen. 

    Our firm is skilled in removing the hurdles that might come up in the K-1 visa process while also helping you and your spouse understand paperwork, guidelines, and procedures related to this visa. Without a knowledgeable understanding of the process and the paperwork, oftentimes these visas get denied and end up delaying marriages. With our help, the paperwork will get done correctly and provide you with a complete detailed understanding of all the required documents and petitions that will be filed during this process.

Petitions for Family
(Spouses, Parents, Children, Adult Children, Brothers or Sisters)

US Citizens and US Lawful Residents that are Green Card holders are allowed to sponsor immigration visas to family members such as spouses, children, parents, and siblings. 

There are an unlimited number of visas made available for people with immediate relation to US Citizens and US Lawful Residents, but a limited number of visas extended to this with distant relation to US Citizens and US Lawful Residents. US Citizens are allowed to sponsor immediate relatives, while lawful residents of the US are only able to file petitions on behalf of immediate relatives. 

To begin the process, a petition I-130 must be filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services by the US Citizen or Permanent Lawful Resident. The petition must include specific I-130 paperwork as well as documents completed by both the sponsor and the future immigrant. The experienced attorneys at our firm can aid you in finding, completing, and filing these forms properly and efficiently.  The knowledge of our staff allows the process to be quicker, the paperwork to be correct, and the acceptance odds to be more in the immigrants favor. 

Upon filing and approval of the petition, the visa process begins. The USCIS will forward your application to the National Visa Center, and there will be an intermission period while we wait for a visa in your family category to become available. Once one becomes available, there will be an interview process, and our well-reputed and trustworthy firm can not only fasten the application processing but also guide clients through the interview. 

Without the proper paperwork and expertise our skilled attorneys can provide, the process can take up to several years, which is why we recommend hiring an attorney. When backlogs and waiting periods come up, our attorneys are able to skillfully handle and communicate the legal options available. 


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Adjustment of Status In The U.S.

Adjustment of Status (AOS) is an option for relatives who are already in the US. With the help of our legal assistance, the process will be easier, faster, and more secure ensuring your relative’s positive adjustment into the US.