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Seeking lawful employment within the United States? Our attorneys are skilled at assessing your work-based opportunities within the US and assisting you in obtaining legal documentation to work. 


Familial relations and how they are associated with immigration can be divided into multiple categories and all have different requirements with different timelines. 


Both citizenship and naturalization are necessary steps in the immigration process to the United States, our office assists people in both processes. 


Our services aid clients in conducting internal reviews of employment verification systems as well as being skilled in developing internal review systems. 


DACA allows immigrants to work in the United States under certain conditions, and whether you need help renewing a DACA form or establishing DACA initially, we can offer aid in both.  


The US government sets aside a certain number of visas on a yearly basis for victims of certain crimes, human trafficking, and domestic violence. We can help immigrants in obtaining those specified visas. 


Removal proceedings, formally known as deportation, is a long legal process that almost always requires representation. Our attorneys are skilled in maintaining clients’ knowledge of their rights and ensuring the rights of the client are upheld throughout the legal process. 


Immigration status can be affected when criminal arrests occur. Our attorneys are skilled in both immigration and criminal law allowing court proceedings to go smoothly and all options to be assessed. 


There are different types of waivers for different immigration statuses. Our attorneys are able to assess your legal situation and advise as to which path would be best for each individual situation. 

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Looking for an immigration lawyer in Georgia? Whether you’re in Athens, Gainesville, Gwinnett County, or anywhere else in the state, finding the best immigration lawyer is crucial. You need someone experienced and knowledgeable in Georgia immigration law to navigate your legal needs effectively. Consider seeking an immigration lawyer in Athens, GA, or the best immigration lawyer in Georgia who can provide expert guidance and representation. Whether you’re dealing with visa issues, green cards, citizenship applications, or deportation defense, a qualified immigration lawyer in Gwinnett County or Gainesville, GA, can offer the support and legal advice you require.

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