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Employment Based Immigration

Individuals may be able to obtain non-immigrant (non-permanent) or immigrant (permanent) visas to be allowed to lawfully work within the United States. 

Temporary work visas allow individuals to obtain employment in the United States for a specific period of time, whether that be on a monthly or a yearly basis. Whereas a permanent visa, also known as a green card, allows individuals to work permanently in the United States. The processes for these two visas differ in eligibility and requirements, and can be lengthy. Most companies prefer immigrants to get temporary visas first, and then work on the permanent visa process after the temporary visa has been obtained due to the longevity of the visa process. 

The Law Firm of Samuel Thomas and Al Fargione has years of experience in aiding both employees and employers through each stage of the employment-based immigration process. 

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Permission to work in the United States temporarily can be obtained in many different ways. Temporary work visas come in many different types and can be based on the individual’s education, training, citizenship status, the company offering employment, and the specific job available. 

    Our office specializes and is most familiar with the temporary work visas listed below:



Unlock Opportunities: Athens Employment Visas

Employment based immigration attorney within the United States can also help immigrants obtain permanent resident status or green cards. Some applications for Lawful Permanent Resident status need to be submitted by the employer of the immigrant whereas others can be submitted by the individual, we offer legal advice in regards to both processes. This permanent work visa process can also aid dependents (spouses and children) of the individual in gaining permanent residency. 

    Our office specializes in the following permanent work visas:

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Our attorney’s experience in immigration law ensures that all legal proceedings will be fair and that clients will be fully informed. With our guidance and knowledge of opportunities, we will make our priority to make sure everything about your employment-based immigration process is done to the best of our ability. Book a consultation below!